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Relax Pillow with lavender and linen seeds -ecru


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Relax pillow with lavender and linen seeds. Perfect for a gift, or for yourself to relax after a busy day. The pillow helps your eyes to rest from the light. It can be cooled in a fridge (in a clean and dry plastic bag). It can serve as a compress for puffy eyes, or help to regenerate eyes tired with computer work. When cool, it can also help with headaches, sprains and bruises. When heated, it can serve as a compress, helping to relief the paina nd clean the sinus. It relaxes back and arms tone, reducing the stress, and relieving menstrual pain. To heat, place the pillow in the oven preheated to 100 °C for 10 minutes, or place on a hot radiator. The scent of lavender and linen seeds soothes, detoxifies and lifts the spirits. It also helps to fall asleep and puts into the deep relaxation. The pillow can be used in yoga while performing the relaxing pose of savasana.
Size: 25cm/10cm
Caution! Before wearing, shake the pillow gently and check the temperature. Do not reheat before complete cooling!