Cherry Pit Bag

Cherry Pitbag – Sand


Produkt dostępny

Czas realizacji zamówienia 2-3 dni robocze

Cherry pit bag.
Hotbag filled with cherry seeds is a pleasant and natural source of heat for your baby.
Made in 100% of safe materials. Cherry seeds come from Polish cherry growths.
They are cleaned, dried, carefully selected.

Cherry seeds have very good properties of storing the heat.
Heated bag helps to relief:
– colics
– stomach issues
– sore throat
– muscle pains
– menstrual pains
– blocked milk ducts
Cooled bag helps to relief:
– bruises
– swellings
– scratches
– fevers
– earaches, headaches, neck or knee pains
– light burns
To heat, put the bag into the oven preheated to 100°C for 10 min., or place it on the hot radiator. To cool, put into the freezer for 30-60 min. in a clean and dry plastic bag.
All materials used are OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 certified